Who is Amandine?

Rue Amandine- tomatoes at the Richard Lenoir MarketA few years ago, while travelling around the world, I started my days completing the words “It’s wonderful to live in a world where…”.

Since then, I made it my way to define my world & feelings.

It’s wonderful living in a world where…

  • DSC_0356…I can find 10 reasons a day to believe that Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world.
  • Capture d’écran 2015-03-05 à 17.21.05…there are so many places to discover, cultures to meet.
  • …there are summits to reach, challenges to achieve.
  • LES-cheeseweb…it’s still possible to find real stinky cheese with a good glass of wine
  • …I can call Paris my home sweet home.
  • shoes Patricia Blanchet…I can decide what shoes I’ll be wearing today.
  • …everything has a room for surprise.
  • …you can take new routes, and decide that after 10 years spent in advertising to make brands bigger, you want to make people happier.
  • DSC_0385A bientôt!
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