Tour Paris 13 – Street Art is the building !

Tour Paris 13 – Street Art is the building !



Well, where to start? Rue Amandine’s team got plenty for its eyes and blew away its memory card capacity to share this urban unusual experience : the biggest Street Art exhibition ever organized : 4500m2 available surface to a hundred of artists!!! Let’s go :)




It is indeed a tower that’s been invested on its 10 levels : 9 floors and the basement, ceilings to floors, walls of course, but also elevator and staircase. A total of 36 apartements, some still furnished!

Artists worked voluntary with the agreement of the owner of this soon to be destucted tower in order to create a free exhibition.

French artists of course but also from all over the world as 16 nationalities are represented, maybe yours?




We don’t know where to start as we discover or are reminded how Street Art is a contemporary form of art that goes well beyond graffiti and covers sculpture, la engraving or installations.

Thise projet is an occasion to present graffiti in a legal perspective without institutionnalizing it and deprive it from its original environnement (street!) as it is when moving it in museums.




Be careful, today is the last day to visit Tour Paris 13 and you’ll need a full dose of patience to satnd in a line that goes sometimes around the whole block. No panic, a digital application will allow you to visit it virtually (or tonight until midnight on the website) and a documentary will be shown in 2014 to retrace this crazy adventure !

You can’t save the tower from its destiny but from november 1st to 10th you can save the website! From november 1st, internet users can click on their favorite work of arts and save it from digital destruction!

And here we’ll leave you with these clichés to inspire you for your next interior design…



Tour Paris 13, 5 rue Fulton 75013 Paris
Métro quai de la Gare Line 6
From 10am to 8pm

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