Easy going Sunday at le 104 with the kids!

Easy going Sunday at le 104 with the kids!


It’s a Sunday, you have kids and you are in Paris!?

And you do not feel like going again and again to a park to slide down a toboggan, Euro disney is not even an option .. and you’re not sure that you have enough energy to dare taking them to Orsay Museum for the Van Gogh exhibition (or you are afraid they might have too much energy to spend to go with them in Orsay).
Le 104 (to pronounce “le cent quatre”) is among these casual and easy going options that you may choose both for you and the kids… What used to be the parisian Funeral Home until 1993 has  become one of the most attractive place of Paris. A place that encompasses all forms of art: theatre, dance, music, cinema, video and also culinary, digital and urban art. It is also a vibrant place for the kids and family because of the atmosphere and activities offered.


On a Sunday your little family could enjoy:
- seeing the exhibitions… never too long… always a good ground for kids reactions.
- having fun-but-good eating : have a delicious pizza from the truck or a yogurt ice cream on which you can choose your toppings.
- watching the acrobats, dancers (professional or amateurs) who come to practice in this spacious. The kids will love trying to imitate them… as for us, there is nothing more relaxing that just sit down or lay in a deck chair and watch.
-  getting lost in the labyrinth installation, where small and tall can get lost and hide.
-  the bookstore where little ones can dive in books in a playful atmosphere without anybody telling you that you should also buy..


3 hours that fly without even noticing it… It’s been a good Sunday, and the good thing is to know that everytime we go again it will be likewise.

Le 104 : 104 rue d’Aubervilliers, 75019 Paris





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