A sunday on the new “Berges de Paris”

A sunday on the new “Berges de Paris”


The new “Berges de Paris” (the new Paris river banks) … Drivers in Paris have hated that project for years, when the works started on the Rive gauche banks to make this river banks a pedestrian area instead of a main road, heavily used by cars to cross the city.
But we, those like us who decided not to have a car in Paris, this kind of projects is just good news: Les Berges de Seine, are one of the nice and fun spots in Paris where to stroll around, just for a couple of minutes after a visit of Orsay Museum or on the way to the Eiffel Tower, or for a couple of hours, with the kids, or with some friends…


Play pingpong… book (for free) one of the small huts with small gardens for an afternoon nap or for a picnic with friends with a view on the river, book (for free again) one of the indian tents to celebrate a birthday with kids… draw your messages on the giant blackboard… danse with you playlist being played under a bridge… play the jokari… take a photography lesson offered by Olympus… and last… have a drink at one of the terrasses… and particularly on the spacious bridge of Rosa Bonheur boat.


Results : the kids could run around, the parents could relax, all could finish with their drinks (baby bottle included)… This has been a nice Sunday afternoon in Paris!

For the program of activities, see les Berges de Paris website : http://lesberges.paris.fr/

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