A Personalized Roadbook

Design for you the most memorable and bespoke Parisian experience… That is our job!

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A Parisian life that looks like you!

It is all about planning YOUR unique Parisian experience, designing for you bespoke itineraries and put together memorable activities that best fit your expectations and tastes.

We will edit YOUR ROADBOOKa 60 page BESPOKE document with our best addresses selected for you, maps, personalized itineraries, a focus on your hobbies, and all the activities and bookings that have been planned for you.

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Editing Tours and experiences custom tailored just for you!

For memories of a life-time,  you may use our exclusive ”A la carte experiences” carefully selected and designed for you. You may also contact us for specific queries: there is nothing we can’t do!

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Family guided tour in le Louvre
  Private tour in CV in Paris  encart_sidecarOK



And to make this stay really perfect we can also offer you to stay in one of our beautiful apartments.


Let’s go to Paris!


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