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“Amandine Dubessay  is a visionary. She is well ahead of her peers, recognizing that travelers no longer want a cookie-cutter experience, a fancy hotel, and a restaurant reservation. They want to feel what it is like to live in a city, to explore hidden neighborhoods, and discover their own treasured spots.  Amandine makes this possible – what she does behind the scenes remains a mystery, but what she makes happen for her clients (who she always treats as dear friends) is extraordinary.  In April 2014, Amandine organised a very special 20th anniversary celebration in Paris for my husband, Peter, and me, our children, and 30 of our friends.  She is creative, thoughtful, stylish, and professional – and she has built an exceptional team of like-minded, uber-talented individuals to help her. The celebration she planned was nothing short of spectacular.  She offers a world-class, but extremely personal service.
We have traveled around the world, including a year-long trip with our children in 2008-2009, and we have not yet met anyone quite like Amandine. She is a rising star and i will not be surprised to see others replicating what she is doing in cities around the world. She is the way of the future in travel. We will recommend her to all of our friends and business colleagues and can’t wait to return to Paris to spend time with her again.

India and Peter Baird
Human Rights Laywer and founder of Rock Girl
Head of Private Equity, Africa for Standard Chartered Bank
Cape Town, South Africa

August 2010,
Amandine Dubessay worked for BDDP&Fils, advertising agency (TBWA Worldwide),  between 1998 and 2008 as Account executive, Account Manager and Account Director. She is therefore part of the team who contributed to the Agency fame since it was created.  Amandine quickly became one of the significant executive of the Agency thanks to her organization skills, her ability to find the most creative solutions within  a restricted and requiring frames, her international openess, her taste for human relations and her service-oriented mind. For all these reasons, and referring on our very performing and pleasant collaboration, I shall strongly recommend Amandine Dubessay in any service and consulting activity, and remain at disposal for further details.

François Blachère
- Chief Executive Officer

I have known Amandine for now 16 years. She and I met in Grad school at HEC Paris, where we ended up being roommates. Amandine is an extremely reliable, thorough and organized person – showing that a perfectionist can still be a lot of fun!
An avid traveler, she has put together trips in exotic destinations, making all travel arrangements for small and large groups. She is a fantastic hostess and organized a great week-end in Provence for 8 of our friends. Amandine is also a true Parisian who has lived in the trendy 11th and 10th arrondissements. Whenever I visit, she always comes up with excellent recommendations for events, shopping and dining.
I warmly recommend her services and wish her a lot of success.

Debbie Kross
Director, Natural Resources, Infrastructure & Power
Credit Agricole – CIB
New York, New York 10019-6022

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