Patyka and Rue Amandine : 200% parisian!

Patyka and Rue Amandine : 200% parisian!


Patyka? Beautiful name, but what is that? A Japanese cocktail? The last movie to be seen? A remoted exotic island? I admit I didn’t know ether until I was called by the agency Paris en Australie  (who told me their client Patyka liked Rue Amandine very much and believed they both brands has the same ‘state of mind”. Well, if they like Rue Amandine, it’s worth having a close look to this brand: Patyka is an upscale beauty products brand, which is not only a French but a 100% parisian, as you can see from their logo representing a Paris street sign:

I actually what I first saw from the brand : it’s packaging… and then liked what I experienced from it: it’s body oil, it’s shower gel, its face cream…

So we decided that it made sense having Patyka products in Rue Amandine’s apartment, as part of an upscale parisian experience. As any other Rue Amandine experience, this one is also customized of course! Sarah and Yoko are coming for a festive, sleepless getaway in Paris?  They will most certainly get the Huile Absolue face and body serum and the radiant eye contour…. to erase the lack of sleep! Anders and Vivi are coming for their honeymoon? Well… let’s try a great massage with the Huile Absolue Body oil … and the restoring confort body wash :-)

What will be your Rue Amandine/ Patyka kit? Come and see!

The “Parisian trip” will have it ready for you :-)


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