A new home in the heart of trendy Paris

A new home in the heart of trendy Paris


Our apartments selection’s is growing! As our guests are coming from divers backgrounds, travelling for work, for a fun week-end or family holidays, we are expending our offer so that everybody will find the right match for their needs.

This cute new 2 BD apartment is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the local hipster Parisian life. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis became in the last few years one of the hottest spots in the City. It is a perfect exemple of gentrification of a very popular neighborhood, slowly invaded by “bobos” and fashionistas.
The whole district is now full of trendy bars where all this eclectic population has drinks in the street before a good dinner around and another delicious cocktail after!
Our favorite bar is Le Syndicat, a fun speakeasy cocktail with an amazing cocktail called Made in France… For your dinner, 52 Faubourg Saint-Denis is a great restaurant open everyday from 8am to midnight…


Day life here is great too! First you can have a good coffee at Chez Jeannette, the famous bistrot. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis is also an amazing market street full of gourmet adresses like Julhès. In this beautiful old fashion grocery, you will find chocolate, cheese and wine, the perfect Parisian diet :-)

From this apartment you can walk to Canal Saint-Martin or North Marais, unless you decide to walk to the lively Montorgueil pedestrian street, another gourmet paradise!


The apartment itself is a perfect spot for a a stay in Paris. Located on the top floor of the building (with an elevator!), there is a double view on the famous Parisian roofs, stunning! You can even enjoy the sun from the tiny balcony and enjoy this peaceful atmosphere, far away from the lively street!
The living-room is spacious and yet cosy with vintage furniture, and the whole apartment has been completely renovated to be super comfy. The bedroom is also very quiet with a queen size bed and a large wardrobe to store all your shopping bags!

You can discover this apartment on this link.


Let’s go!


Le Syndicat: open everyday from 6pm to 2am, 51 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
Le 52 Faubourg Saint-Denis: open everyday from 8am to midnight
Chez Jeannette: 47 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, open everyday from 8am to 2am
Julhès: 54 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

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>> A new home in the heart of trendy Paris