Lockwood in Paris, coffee or cocktail?

Lockwood in Paris, coffee or cocktail?


This last couple of years, parisian drinking habits have changed from “petit noir” (coffee) or “ballon” (wine glass) to… “ristretto” and “Spritz” or any kind of cocktails!

Trendy coffee places open every week. During day time, they all have this cool Scandinav look, wood counter, with organic cakes fresh fruits and most of all coffee roasted in Paris, like Belleville ! And at night, lights get lower, warmer, and they turn into great cocktail bars and speakeasy places. It’s so good to get a little bit tipsy in a cosy bar…

Lockwood, Paris

The Lockwood place, opened but 3 brothers already in charge of Ten Bell in Canal Saint Martin, is a combination of those two trends. Opened from 8.00 in the morning, you can have a coffee of course but also scones or a yummie toffee brownies. Like in a modern tea room, you can come anytime during the day for a light snack or a drink… and from 7.00 pm the coffee bags are replaced by bottles, it’s aperitif time! Have a Spritz or a rhum-pear, eat a good “burrito” and the evening can start!
But the best moment to discover this place is from 9.00 pm when they open the underground cocktail bar… In this large stone cellar you can take a seat in a cosy room for a drink with friends or stay at the bar and watch the barmen working while you taste all the menu…

Lockwood: 73 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris, open everyday except Sunday from 8.00 am to 2.00 am
Ten Belles: 10 rue de la Grange aux belles 75010 Paris

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