Conditions générales de vente

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Before making a reservation, the client is provided a booking form for the service delivered (apartment, road book, reservation service etc).


  • Occupancy of the Property for the specified time period.
  • Personal greeting upon arrival
  • Little welcome kit upon arrival
  • All taxes, utilities
  • Bed linens and towels.
  • Housecleaning once a week after a week for stays of 2 weeks or longer. (Extra cleaning can be arranged for a fee. Please inquire as far in advance as possible.)
  • Personnalized road book
  • Assistance by phone and/or e mail during your stay.
  • Our rate is all inclusive, ther are no extra taxes or fees.

    Bookings of Rue Amandine’s package (apartment and roadbook) are confirmed upon reception of the deposit and of the booking form signed (scanned and sent to us).

    Payment process

    1- If booking date is more that two months before rental start date :

    A DEPOSIT of 50% of total amount should be paid in euros upon reservation.

    The deposit payment should be paid by transfer through our International Bank Account Number (IBAN) , alternatively through paypal account or through the transmission of cash or traveller checks in euros or dollars. Whatever the payment option, the net amount received should reach the rent amount (the extra charges or taxes due to payment option should be paid by the renter).

    The BALANCE, of Rue Amandine’s fees shall is due two months before arrival.
    If the balance has not been paid by this date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, void your contract, and retain your initial payment.

    2- If booking date is less that two months before rental start date :

    100% OF TOTAL amount should be paid in euros upon reservation. Bookings of apartment and road book are confirmed upon reception of the deposit and of the booking form signed. The deposit payment should be paid by transfer through our International Bank Account Number (IBAN) , alternatively through paypal account or through the transmission of cash or traveller checks in euros or dollars. Whatever the payment option, the net amount received should reach the rent amount (the extra charges or taxes due to payment option should be paid by the renter).

    CANCELLATION MADE BY THE CLIENT OR INTERRUPTION STAY : In case of cancellation, and whatever the reason, all sums paid to Rue Amandine as of the date of such cancellation shall be forfeited. In case of anticipated interruption, and if the responsibility of the owner or its representative is not in question; no refund will be possible but the security deposit will be returned provided there are no damages to be reported upon checking out.
    Rue Amandine strongly encourage you to buy a TRAVEL INSURANCE  at the time of booking in the event you must cancel and forfeit funds ( Please note that in any case (cancellation or interruption stay), if the apartment is re-rented, then we will refund you for each day which has been filled, less a 20% admistrative fee.

    ALTERATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS MADE BY RUE AMANDINE: though it is unlikely we will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements, in the event it does happen due to a situation beyond control, we will advise you at the earliest possible date and we reserve the right to locate a similar property. However, if this is not possible or if you do not wish to be transferred, we will cancel the booking and make a full refund immediately.

    GUARANTED VALUE : The price of stay is guaranteed during the acceptance of the booking.
    The water, electricity, heater and taxes are included.
    Moreover, linens and towels will be provided as well as house cleaning after your stay.

    Concerning the apartment

    CHECK-IN-CHECK OUT : Check-in starts at 4pm and check out should be done at 11 am. However, whenever possible, arrangement shall be made should you need to check in before or check out after these hours. We are aware that international flights can sometimes be very late or very early. For check in and check outs  before 8 am or after 9pm, an extra charge of 30 euros might have to be paid in cash to the greeter.

    A SECURITY DEPOSIT has to be paid upon arrival and is fully refundable. The deposit should be made in cash or traveller checks (in USD or Euros, see other possible currencies with Rue Amandine) upon arrival. The security deposit is between €450 and €1000 depending of apartment rented and length of stay. If after completion of the inventory nothing is reported damaged, lost or broken, the security deposit will be returned to the Client upon checking out. If damages are recorded, the security deposit will be forwarded to the Client within 2 months, after deduction of repairs/replacement costs or supplementary cleaning resulting from an insufficient state of neatness.

    INSURANCE : According to French law, for your reservation you must attest that you have a comprehensive residential insurance certificate (this insurance includes coverage for personal liability, while occupying a rental property and full coverage for the party’s personal belongings, public liability etc, since they are not covered otherwise).Failure to do so, could mean the rental being refused. For rentals of less than 3 months, you can also subscribe for a complementary insurance, for cancellation or your stay being cut short. I can give you an  insurer’s contact details. However, you do remain free to choose the insurer of your choice.

    DAMAGE RESPONSIBILITIES : Renters are responsible for the property and its contents during their stay,and the liability is not limited to the amount of the security deposit. We encourage you to avoid unnecessary risks which could cause damage for which you can be held responsible. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our properties are checked regularly and all descriptions are made in good faith. However, in case there are any defects in the property, or any breakdown in the equipment, plant, machinery or appliances, please notify us immediately so that arrangements for repair or replacement can be made as soon as possible. Rue Amandine shall not be liable to the client for any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, nor in respect of any equipment, plant, machinery or appliance.

    OCCUPANCY : The Client agrees that the number of people occupying the apartment at one time will not exceed the maximum occupancy number indicated on the booking form.Group size is determined at time of reservation and is indicated above. Neither Rue Amandine nor owners are responsible for any problems arising during a rental in which the number of persons occupying the apartment exceeds the occupancy indicated on the booking form.
    However, if the renter wants extra people to ocuupy the Apartment, and if the apartment capacity allows it, the renter must notify Rue Amandine immediatly and pay for applicable extra fees (extra fees are calculated per person and per week).

    The Renter will personally occupy the Property for said dates and shall not sub-let the Property under any condition.

    Renter agrees to be quiet and respectful of neighbors at all times. This includes no excessive noise in the Property, stairwells, elevators, or building entry. People living here are not on vacation. Please behave as you would in your own home.

    Concerning Road book & Services

    The roadbook, prepared in advance, will contain a wise list of places to go, to eat and to attend selected  according to tastes, hopes and schedule. The clients will be able to confidently “pick up” in this selection when in Paris. The roadbook is handled to the clients upon arrival.

    ROAD BOOK  : Rue Amandine guarantees her best to provide the ultimate pieces of information concerning the places and things she recommands but can not be held responsible for any change that might have occured in these establishments : menus, rates, quality of service, temporary or permanent closure , change of owners… etc.

    ROAD BOOK CONTENT : Rue Amandine’s service include a service of reservation for restaurants or special events or further services. The actual price of the goods involved shall be payed either directly  (restaurants…) or upon reservation (tickets, some restaurants, guided tours, cooking classes, or any other goods/services that Rue Amandine will have to pay in advance on behlaf of the client). In those cases, Rue Amandine will give the cost to the client and wait for approval before making the booking and payment.

    RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS : in the cases when reservations require payment in advance no refund shall be made in case of cancellation by the client, except if Rue Amandine could re-sent them. website is published  by ALMENDRITA, a company incorporated as a SAS organised under French Law, with a share capital of 11,700 euros and registered with the Trade and Company Registry of Paris under number 522 820 943.

    For any questions concerning those terms&conditions, please contact rue amandine at or call us at + 33 (0)9 53 85 16 60.

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