Flat White at Kooka Boora

Flat White at Kooka Boora

Flat white with milky heart at Kooka Boora

When Leah, my Australian friend in Paris, first told me about Kooka Boora and its “flat white” I first thought “well, she’s Autralian, she misses the Flat White.. and their, they’re a bit Australian themselves and serve Flat white: that’s why she likes it”.

But then, I did my  job of testing new places in Paris and I went and … I’m not Australian, I do not miss flat white (I actually even thought that I didn’t like flat white)…and I liked it very much. Is it for the nice, cosy relaxed atmosphere of an “American, English, Australian Coffee”? For the big armchairs where you can deep in and stay a s long as you want? For the English speaking surrounding? For the huge choice of newspapers (unless you want to use the free WIFI or…. knit or talk with your friends) :-) Is it for the good home made fresh soups with good baguette (he he, it’s a bit French also!), for the delicious cookies, salads, fresh fruit juice and sandwiches…

Or is it for …. the flat white (or the bigger latte) and its milky heart on top!?


Well… it’s for all these… and I’ve made it one of my favorite HQ!

Thank you Leah! I would have probably discovered it one day, but the sooner, the better!

And BTW, Kooka Boora, at the corner of rue des Martyrs and avenue Trudaine is a great place to have breakfast, snack or tea when staying in Rue Amandine’s apartment in Montmartre.

See you there soon!

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