Easter in Paris 2015: hunting time!

Easter in Paris 2015: hunting time!

Easter in Paris

If you are looking for a short family escape to Paris, Easter could be a good option! You will find not only chocolate eggs but many other great activities to do, here is our selection:

Butterflies you will catch

Many majors exhibitions will be happening in Paris this Spring and it would be the occasion to improvise a cultural treasure hunting for the kids. You could visit the beautiful exhibition dedicated to Velazquez in Grand Palais, will gather many master pieces of the famous Spanish painter. Like the delicate butterflies on the hair of the infante, your children could find many curious details hidden in the royal portraits. A fun way to discover the life style of royal children during the XVII century.

On the other side of the river, Musée d’Orsay will be presenting a retrospective of Pierre Bonnard.  The famous French artist was in love with cats, let’s find out how many you can find in his paintings! It is the perfect excuse to visit this beautiful museum and imagine the train station it used to be at the beginning of the XX century.

And if your teenager daughter is just obsessed by clothes and fashion, you should visit the fashion museum Galleria to review her classics. The most beautiful outfits designed by Jeanne Lanvin will be presented, an unique way to admire the work and the vision of this wonderful artist.

And of course we don’t forget your lovely teenager boy, a future rock star for sure, who might like to see David Bowie is, the fun exhibition at la Cité de la Musique.


Chocolate eggs you will find

Well, Easter is really the best excuse in the world to have a chocolate overdose… Of course let’s think about the children first and take them to the biggest egg hunt in Paris organized by Secours Populaire. Last year, hundred of children spent the afternoon looking for chocolate at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower on the beautiful champs de Mars, unique! And if you are more in a royal mood, come and visit château de Vaux le Vicomte at 50 km from Paris. Every year a giant egg hunt is happening in the amazing garden. The park have been created by Le Nôtre, the same designer as Versailles garden, and it still as impressive as it was back to the XVII century!

But if you are really a chocolate addict, we could also plan a chocolate workshop for you and your children. Spending the afternoon with hot chocolate on your hands should be a fun family experience!
And of couse you have to taste and compare the best chocolat makers in Paris, would it be Alain Ducasse at his chocolaterie, Patrick Roger and his famous chocolate sculptures, Jean-Paul Hévin or la Petite Fabrique in Bastille area.

Easter in Paris 2015


Wild animals you will chase

Being a chocolate hunter you now need bigger targets! Let’s visit the biggest zoo in Paris and track the most beautiful wild animals, lions and girafes will be waiting for you! Zoo de Vincennes reopened a few months ago and offers 5 biozones to observe the animal from desert to ice field . You can even be adventurous and rent a small boat on the lake, so much to do there!


So hunters friends don’t be shy, come in Paris, you will for sure find the best chocolate trophy here!

For a wonderful sur-mesure Easter in Paris, contact us here 

Velazquez exhibition at le Grand Palais: from March 25th to July 13th
Pierre Bonnard at Musée d’Orsay: from March 17th to July 19th
Jeanne Lanvin at Musée Galliera: from March 8th to August 23rd
David Bowie at Philarmonique de Paris: from March 3rd to May 31st
Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte, giant egg hunt during Easter week-end
Chocolate artwork at Musée du chocolat
Alain Ducasse le chocolat
Patrick Roger
Jean-Paul Hévin
À la Petite Fabrique : 12 rue Saint Sabin 75011 Paris
Zoo de Vincennes

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