A Foodie spring walk in Rue des Martyrs

A Foodie spring walk in Rue des Martyrs


Rue des Martyrs… Strange name for a street that holds that name to become a place that offers new delights at every corner. But it is right, rue des Martyrs, located at the start of SOPI trendy area, is a foodies’ paradise and a street where it is martyr to resist temptation…

Each new place has come up with a strong concept to make a difference: a place selling only “choux à la crême” (buns), another one dedicated to madeleines, a cosy tea salon selling the best baking mixes, a chic pastry shop, a concept/ grocery selling local vegetables of the season… Meanwhile the old ones that could resist to this new wave tried to follow the trend, and each vegetable, cheese or flower shop redoubled their efforts to present attractive (and expensive stalls).

Have a Popelini’s “Chou à la crème”:

Popelini opened a couple of years ago, with a single product:  Choux à la Crème (buns): Chocolate, Coffee, Lemon, Rose, Vanilia, Pistaccio… one can buy them one by one anytime, without having to wait for the next friends to get married!


Choose your Madeleine at Mesdemoiselles Madeleines

Augustine, Albertine, Capucine, Hortense, Jeannette… behind those old French names stands a madeleine, with a different flavor or combination: sweet or salted, big or small. There is nothing more simple than a madeleine, but they made a store out of it, with chic display, making it, here again, difficult to resist.


Tea break at Marlette

I discovered Marlette 5 years ago as a small brand, sold in very few stores, it now has its own place and it is more than deserved! The place to go for a good and healthy breakfast, lunch or tea is also the place to buy the best organic organic bread, cake, pastry and appetizer baking mixes. By the way I never confessed my friend Mia that my cookies that she praises to the sky are Marlette cookies…


Play it chic at Sebastien Gaudard’s pastry

Sebastien Gaudard : the chiquest patisserie. Some will find it a bit “cold”, but well, he has his idea of patisserie and does quite well I must admit, for those who are ready to pay the price.

Go for Quality groceries at Epicerie Causses

The first one opened in rue des Martyrs a couple of years ago. Season vegetables, organic or local with quality grocery products. Here again, rates are higher than in a regular grocery store, but I guess one has to pay for quality :-)


And once you have tasted all those delights in this gourmet descent down rue des Martyrs, then you have no choice but to climb up the street again (you have some energy to spend!)… For the last, utmost temptation, you may even cross the bd de Rochechouard and reach the other part of rue des Martyrs to reach Emmanuelle Zysman’s, one of our favorite jewel designers. A pair of silver guilt earrings of a gold necklace… Make yourself a treat!

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Popelini : 44 rue des Martyrs
Mademoiselles Madeleines : 37 rue des Martyrs
Café Marlette : 51 rue des Martyrs
Sébastien Gaudard : 22 rue des Martyrs
Epicerie Causses : 55 rue Notre Dame de Lorette
Emmanuelle Zysman : 81 rue des Martyrs

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