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    A unique Halloween in Paris!

    Squelettes-1 2

    Paris, city of light, city of love… and city of horror very soon! Yes French people used to watch heads falling under the Revolution and this taste for macabre show is coming back every year for Hallowing ;-) If you …

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    Happening Soon

    Say “Happy New Year, my love” in Paris


    In your deepest and craziest thoughts, you’ve always dreamt of hearing and saying “Happy New Year my love” followed by a warm hug in Paris. Then, why not THIS year!? Would you like one like the one Neal and Jayne …

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    My Christmas wish list: a stay in Paris!

    joyeux noel2a

    Too busy to organize Christmas holidays this year? Want to escape from the mother-in-law-turkey and a new purple tie from your auntie Mary? Well, let’s just be inspired and take your family/friends/dog for a memorable trip to Paris, that will …

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