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    “If you do not use Rue Amandine, you’re crazy”

    Robin Wight testimonial on Rue Amandine experience

    Robin, a great british advertising man,  just spent 4 days in Paris with his 14 yo son. He wanted it edgy, cultural, gourmet, jazzy and most of all… fun! And from his feed back, I can tell that’s what he …

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    Mouthwatering exhibition


    Hungry? Cannibalism is starring in La Maison Rouge,the artistic Foundation near Bastille. The exhibition starts with those words: “The simpliest way to identify with another is still to eat them”.   Find here a wide selection of old ages and …

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    S’Cuba Diving

    Comptoir Général in Canal Saint martin

    Want a Sunday Dive in Cuba?… well let’s call it a S’Cuba diving! I passed in front if this sign tens of times without seeing it , and then without taking the time to go and see what was actually …

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