Live “Château lifestyle” in Burgundy

Live “Château lifestyle” in Burgundy

getaway in Burgundy

Our love of Paris is infinite, unconditional … But no matter how much we love Paris, we like to get out of Paris sometimes, and most of all, we like to send our dear guests out of the city for a getaway to meet the charms of our country.

In that purpose, we offered Louise and Robert (whom we first met 18 months ago and were back last week!) to experience “La vie de Château” (Château life style) in Burgundy…

Yes, this is the castle where they spend two days and a night: a beautiful Castle in Saint Fargeau, sleeping in the “suite for 2″, located in the tower (say hello to Louise, who’s at the window of the tower!).
Noemi, the owner of the Château de Saint Fargeau, greeted them to show them around the region and its vineyards.


After a dinner delivered in the suite by the landlords, imagination is at work : robe from the 17th century, candlelights, huge and heavy keys… So much inspiration for Louise who seems to be playing in a Dracula movie :-)


The next morning, the charming and bucolic atmosphere settled again on a beautiful Spring day.

Noemi took them to the market, prepared lunch with them, that they shared in the garden of their charming cottage. Of course… Burgundy wine was starring at every meals!



Do you also want to live like lords?
Easy ! You may also experience La Vie de Château. Just the two of you or with your family: the attached “pedagogic farm”, the “special middle age show” during summer days, and the huge parks and gardens, make it the perfect place to be for the kids who want to run around safely, have fun and play with the animals… Well Prince and Princess Life ;-)

La vie de Château geataway: ask us for more details!

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  1. Louise and Robert, USA says:

    Indeed! One of our highlights of our trip to Paris through Rue Amandine was a trip to Burgundy to spend the night in a beautiful castle (St Fargeaux)! The train ride alone was a beautiful site! It was a truly amazing experience to visit the castle, sleep in castles’ beautiful suite and have a traditional French meal in our room! We were also able to explore the entire castle and walk the castle grounds on our own! The next day we were toured the town’s market to choose our favorite foods to take back to the Summer cottage for a cooking lesson and prepare all the wonderful food we had chosen. What a great experience that should be part of your trip to Paris and not be missed!

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