Bienvenue à Paris !

Planning a trip to Paris and want to get the most out of it?

Welcome to Rue Amandine, a magical street custom tailored just for you.

lee and isa copieGet a taste of the real Paris like only a native of this city can offer:
I will give you the keys to plan an unforgettable and personally tailored vacation, everything from lodging to dining, from entertainment to shopping.

A « friend » waiting for you in Paris

Should you be visiting with your partner, friends, family, colleagues, children… Should you want it romantic, crazy, cultural, gourmet, playful or a bit of everything…You have a « friend » waiting for you in Paris, that will help you to build your personalized itineraries and have a unique experience that best fits your desire.

Tell me more about you !

Lemon pie is your favourite ? Love antiques ?  Dreaming of a night at the Opera ? Collecting original versions of Alice in Wonderland ? Dying for a taste of a Saint Emilion 1995 ? Whatever your hobbie or passion, we will take care of crafting a made to measure experience that match your dreams. With Rue Amandine, you’ll be living the life you would love to live if you were a native Parisian !

Tell me more about you and get a first personalized offer by filling in the little questionnaire

Let’s start preparing your stay!

The ingredients of a Rue Amandine experience

  • Arrive at your apartment or hotel located in the heart of Parisian life and feel at home the minute you walk in.
  • Enjoy your stay in Paris, equipped with your personalized roadbook : a wide and wise list of places to go selected specially according to your tastes, hopes and schedule.
  • Attend the not-to-be-missed rendez vous and special tours discussed in advance together and that we have organized for you.
  • And have in Paris a « friend » that will greet you and assist you when you have any question.

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